5 Quick Healthy Recipes for Breakfast

Photo Source:    UnSplash

Photo Source: UnSplash

Mornings can be super busy! From getting ready for work, to preparing your kids for school; it may be pretty difficult to have the most important meal of the day.

And let’s be real, there’s nothing better than a quick……..and most importantly HEALTHY breakfast filled with nutrients to keep you going throughout the morning.

We’ve rounded up some quick healthy breakfast recipes just for you, and we promise they are delicious.

1.Overnight Oats

This is perfect because you can prep the night before….and catch this, no pots and pans or cooking necessary. Overnight oats are raw, rolled oats soaked in liquid overnight (of course); please refrigerate while soaking.

You can use a recipe that calls for four (4) basic ingredients (rolled oats, almond milk (or any milk of your choice), honey, and top it off with some nuts, berries or fruits. Yumm!

Photo Source:    Unsplash

Photo Source: Unsplash

2. Smoothie Bowl

A smoothie bowl is self explanatory! A smoothie…….poured into a bowl topped with nuts, fruit, seeds, coconut, or whatever else you can find. It is not only beautiful to look at, but it is a good source of nutritious whole foods and fiber which helps you feel fuller for a longer time.

You can make this with frozen berries of your choice, and to make it extra creamy, you can add a frozen banana. Be daring and add spinach, kale, flaxseed, raw cacao powder, spirulina, cauliflower florets…(yes cauliflower)

Photo Source:    ShutterStock

Photo Source: ShutterStock

3. Frittata

This healthy breakfast food is loaded with protein, healthy fats, vitamins and nutrients to help start your day. It’s also a great left-over dish which will save you time on busy days.

All you need are eggs and basically any vegetable you’ll like to add……. be creative, it’s basically a blank canvas. You can skip the cheese and bacon and opt for spinach, kale, tomatoes, and mushrooms.

Photo Source:    Unsplash

Photo Source: Unsplash

4. Avocado Toast

Avocados have a lot of health benefits, not only it contains healthy fat but it is also low in carbohydrates and high in fiber. If you want to stay full all morning long, this is the way to go.

Grab your gluten free bread or whole grain bread, mash a whole avocado, add a pinch of sea salt and paste. OMG so simple right? If you want to be ‘extra’ toss some dried tomatoes, eggs or even herbs like fresh basil, cilantro or parsley.

Photo Source:    Unsplash

Photo Source: Unsplash

5. Chia Seed Pudding

There are a lot of chia seed recipes out there, and all are pretty much super QUICK and tasty; even better, these tiny seeds are loaded with nutrients and very few calories.

This high-fiber breakfast is a great meal-prep option which can be done over the weekend or the night before. When preparing, you can start out with a basic recipe using 3 Tablespoons of chia seeds and 1 cup of coconut milk/almond milk/ or any milk of your choice, 1 Tablespoon maple syrup, honey or sweetener and top off with grated coconut, berries, fruits, nut butter or nuts.

Written by: Kalesh Forde - YSC Team